March 27, 2013

MVCA Storytelling Hour

Moral stories are read aloud by Chris Dawson, a local author to children at Mission Valley Christian Academy. He dynamically shared his book Alex the Sea Turtle at the small, private Christian School in Polson, MT. The children listened intently with keen interest. As a local news reporter observed alongside storytelling hour. It was full of compelling moral lessons. As well as, dangerous situations for a Sea Turtle in his natural habitat.

The Heart of Why Chris Writes

The path to becoming an author of children’s books came from years of working with people in business and ministry. Chris felt the moral relativity and hopelessness of our current culture is a call to artists to share the culture of Christ. Children need to hear stories which embody virtues. Heroes should reflect the character of God. An author sending a call for others to live a virtuous life is timeless. Since, learning to embrace wisdom from an early age is essential for healthy development of children.

Complexity and Wonder of Nature

Chris believes the use of animals as characters in story arcs helps children learn morals and science. Therefore each book he writes shows a love of nature from the complexity of animals living in their natural habitat. This wonder of creation describes the order and character of God. It reminds all of us to keep our hearts open with curiosity and awe.

Anti-bullying and Emotional Resilience

Chris came alive with sparkling eyes and lively hands during  storytelling time at MVCA. The children listened intently to the adventures of Alex the Sea Turtle. They nodded as they found the sea turtle relatable as he went through a harrowing experience of being bullied.

Then, another character tried to stop the teasing and stood up for him. Later Alex had to go through a hard act of forgiving Reggie even after feeling hurt. However, this act of forgiveness superseded circumstances to overcome evil and bring out the best in Reggie years later.

Children are encouraged to form a healthy view of avoiding bullying and practicing forgiveness. Children must hear these moral stories as bullying becomes more common in our modern times. Kids often have to contend with teasing from peers in their social environment. As parents and community leaders who seek to build more emotionally resilient children. Alex the Sea Turtle shows there is a better way to build self-esteem, such as practicing kindness and compassion towards others.

Source Photograph from the Valley Journal: Local author reads at Christian school

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